About Us.

Building Trust Between Owners and Professionals.

To Us, there is no one size fits all when if comes to dogs. They have emotions, feelings, likes & dislikes, personalities, temperaments as well as good days & bad days. However the system for finding a pet professional who understands this and is confident working with "Sensitive Dogs" is damaged. The lack of standards and eduction contributes to the spoiling of relationships between owners and professionals. Currently there are no official guidelines for companies to be accountable for. Even well intentioned, educated owners looking for professional guidance or support aren't sure who they can trust, which is why we started Dog Nerd Club. 


Dog Nerd Club makes it easy for owners to connect with pet professionals who meet our standards and have experience with "Sensitive Dogs". From pet sitters to trainers, we provide the support and guidance you need to feel confident every step of the way. 

What is a 
"Sensitive Dog"

You might often hear us referring to a “Sensitive Dog”. Sensitive isn’t bad it’s just different!



All dogs and owners deserve to feel safe and that their dog is kept in safe & hygienic hands. We’ve created a set of standards in collaboration with leading professionals and accredited resources that makes heath and safety a priority. 




Unfortunately, finding a professional who understands your needs when it comes to owning a sensitive dog has been either word of mouth or luck. As much as we may love word of mouth, everyone’s situation & experience is different. It’s also not convenient. Even when owners do their best to ensure their prospective pet professional is suitable for them, they don’t always know what to look for or how to look for it. One bad experience can contribute chronic behavioural or health problems with your pet. Our goal is to help bring quality resources to owners in a collaborative community who’s common goal is to help educate owners on canine behaviour and help them grow their relationship. 




Image by Brooke Cagle

With the power of technology to help get the best information and experts in the dog world, we’re on a mission to help educate owners and provide a community they can trust with their sensitive dog. “We believe that and accountability can give good people the power to make a difference”. Thus our goal is to create a community where educated owners can find trustworthy professionals and resources to help deceptive practices. 




We can’t deny that dogs will need education and a team of professionals through out their life. The team of professionals can make a huge impact on your dogs well being and behaviour. Seeking out the proper professional or information should not be a shot in the dark.

We are here to make it easier to connect with local and good professionals who are confident with handling your dogs needs while having your best interests in mind. We are also committed to providing trustworthy, educational resources as we believe  information should be accessible to everyone. Learn more about our standards and screening!

Our Mission.

There are no bad dogs, only misunderstood dogs. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility that often teaches us a lot about ourselves and who we are. Even dogs that some may consider a “challenge”, us dog lovers and owners find a way to enjoy our life with them. Heck! We can’t imagine our life without them.


We believe, this love shouldn’t be taken advantage of. All dogs, even the “sensitive” ones, deserve the proper treatment, care and consideration when being handled by a professional. Our mission is to help provide transparency with that. We understand that not all pet companies are created equally so we have provided owners a simple way to find companies and products fit for their "Sensitive Dog's" need; from grooming, training, boarding, vet care and so much more,

The Problem

Owning a "Sensitive Dog" often comes with a plethora of challenges and misunderstandings between others. We know not every pet professional may feel confident working with these kinds of canines but how do we find the ones that do? The system for finding a pet professional who is confident working with "Sensitive Dogs" is damaged. The lack standards and eduction is continuing to spoil trustworthy relationships between owners and professionals while also contributing to health and behavioural problems.

Not all pet companies are created equally, so we've made it easier for owners to find a pro that can meet their needs. 

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