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Our Code of Ethics

The Mighty Dog Collective is committed to fostering ethical practices amongst its members and holds them to a high standard. Adherence to its ‘Code of Ethics’ not only facilitates the maintenance of our standards but also helps construct a reliable community for dogs.


MDC companies are to abide by the legal regulations. We accord great importance to them fulfilling all necessary legal obligations and following all laws & regulations in the jurisdictions they operate in. This guarantees that their business practices are ethical and of upstanding moral conduct.


Companies need to live up to their contractual terms, commitments & representations. If a customer raises any complaints, they must respond to it in good faith within the stipulated time. In the event a complaint is filed with DNC regarding an enrolled company member, then the Business should provide an adequate response which:

  • Is professional

  • Addresses all significant issues raised

  • Includes evidence and documents supporting the business' position

  • Explains in detail why any relief sought by the complainant cannot or should not be given

  • Shows openness to participate in mediation or other dispute resolution services that may be requested by DNC in order to help resolve complaints

  • Honours any settlements, agreements or decisions that are reached

  • Cooperates with DNC in efforts to eliminate the underlying cause and/or patterns of complaints which may be identified through DNC or other customers


Upon request, company members should respectfully give MDC the necessary information in order to maintain compliance with terms and conditions. This data may contain, but is not limited to:

  • Experience 

  • Workplace protocols

  • Criminal Record Checks

  • Business License

  • Facility set up and infrastructure

  • Business practice information

Company members must provide transparent, honest, and accurate information about their products, services, and other matters. Facts such as relevant details and considerations should always be included when representing them:

  • A companies knowledge, experience and capabilities to reach each clients goals and expectations with their dog

  • The best practice for each individual client's needs

  • Taking into account everyone’s skill level, including the owners, well being, environment, accessible resources and budget


Companies should show a commitment to being virtuous in their practices, business conduct and performance of services and products on behalf of being a MDC company member. Company members must comply with MDC standards and policies, that affect their relationship with MDC.

Company members must commit to maintain a work place where people and animals are treated with dignity and respect. The animals needs must be prioritiezed before the humans or owners. The Company should follow all applicable workplace safety, labor laws and animal welfare laws. While we recognize and respect cultural differences, club members will not engage in discrimination based on breeds, training methods, age, race, religion, sex or disability.

MDC depends on the trust and confidence of businesses, charities, consumers and donors. It is important that company members avoid activities that create actual or perceived conflicts of interest. MDC is proud to support relationship based training and various training tools that are used to help support the owner dog relationship. We understand that dogs are not a one size fits all and we ask all club members to treat others with respect at all times even in the event of a disagreement. MDC makes contractual decisions based on the merit of Companies’ products and services, not on gifts, entertainment or other business courtesies.

Club members and customers are encouraged to report any violations of the MDC Code of Ethics. They can do so under our Tell Us section on the website. Companies are encouraged to work together to resolve the situation. If this is not possible or appropriate, reports may be made to MDC

  • Companies that subcontract or engage other companies should ensure that such companies’ products/services are also compliant with the Code of Ethics and Mission of MDC

  • In their work on behalf of MDC, subcontracted companies must conduct their business activities in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations in all jurisdictions in which they operate

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