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What is the Mighty Dog Collective

We are a small non-profit organization based on Vancouver Island with the goal to expand a community of like minded dog professionals who are experienced and want to make a difference for reactive dogs. We understand solutions are not a one size fits all and believe in what works for the average pet owner which looks different for everyone. 

The Mighty Dog Collective is a place for pet professionals to come together with the common goal of putting dogs' needs first, being open to various solutions, and collaborating to expand ideas. We are working together to create a tool for reactive dog owners to find reputable and trustworthy companies who are comfortable, knowledgeable, and experienced with them.

It is also important to promote professional standards to ensure, as a whole, we are self regulating prior to potential governments coming in and creating regulations. We don’t want government officials to come in and set standards without knowledge in the industry of what is important such as best practices, employee hand books, certification, education and experience. It won’t go unnoticed by the government for long but by having some things in place beforehand, that sets us up for success when the government steps in.


Benefits of Becoming a MDC Company

Becoming a part of our organization provides camaraderie and education as well as the opportunity to help raise the bar of pet industry standards. Once you become a MDC Company you will be listed as MDC accredited business putting you in front of owners looking for trustworthy companies. The MDC seal adds credibility to pet professionals in Victoria and surrounding areas differentiating you from other companies. Customers can ensure that MDC Companies are committed to adhering to our Code of Ethics and Standards. You will also receive advertising on our website and at public events and given the rights to advertise as an accredited MDC company. We provide all MDC Companies with a MDC badge of approval and access to our members area for free resources and events.

There is no handbook on how to be a pet pro in your area which often results in new people in the industry relying on others around them to set the standard. MDC allows more people to enter the industry, we can refer to a network thus having less people with bad experiences and shorter wait lists. We cannot block people from entering the industry, but we can guide them in the best direction. We host local networking events for professionals to help direct the progression and growth of the pet industry. Working as a team and building a sense of community to not only help your business but help owners receive the appropriate professional help for their needs. We want to be able to help those that are new in the industry form into the best pet professionals possible and collaborate with the ones who are already in the industry, growing and changing to ensure the best outcome for pet owners and pets themselves.


Becoming a MDC Company

If you are interested in becoming part of our organization and want to be represented as a vetted MDC Company, please complete the form below. After you have completed the form, one of the Professionals will contact you to schedule a Meet & Greet. Once you have completed our screening and agree to our Code of Ethics you will then be listed under the appropriate category. It is free of charge to become a MDC Company and you will be granted access to our member section and events/meetings. We encourage our MDC Companies to volunteer to help build and develop the organization. The more our MDC Companies put into the company the more we can give as an organization.

Invest time

Why Should my Company Invest Time?

The more Companies and Members put into the MDC the more MDC can give in return. We believe growth includes being flexible and versatile to continue to raise the bar for the greater good. Help support our mission by promoting the message, honouring your image and supporting us by volunteering to help as a professional.


Participating as a MDC Company

Participating as a Company means to adhere to our Code of Ethics and Standards and be responsive to any feedback given that is positive or negative. Our fee to join is $___ annully. To continue to be listed as a Club Company, companies must renew their membership annually. Learn more about our Terms and Conditions here.

Hadling Feedback

Handling Feedback from Customers

A part of our organization relies on the feedback from others to ensure our Standards and Ethics are being maintained. Should MDC receive positive feedback about one of the MDC Companies we will contact the company to notify them and advertise it through one of our many platforms. Should MDC receive negative feedback or any criticism about one of the MDC Companies, we will contact the company to notify them and start a mitigation process. Please contact us at for any concerns.


Updating your Company Information

If you need to update your company's information you can do so under My Account after logging in. Please notify us immediately with any changes to your information regarding your company as we will need it updated for advertising purposes.


Cancelling your Club Company Membership

Should you wish to be removed from the MDC please send us an email to to confirm you would like to be removed from our system.

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