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Feedback Policy...

I have read and agree to all provisions of the Terms of Use, which govern my use of this website and all submissions of content and information to DNC, including this Feedback. I acknowledge that my submission of this Feedback will be subject to the licenses and other terms regarding “User Content” described in the Terms of Use.

I certify that:

  • This Feedback is a truthful account of my experience with the business.

  • I have not included any personally identifiable information in my Feedback comment.

I understand that:​

  • This Feedback, along with my contact information, will also be sent to the business in which the feedback is in regards to.

  • DNC reserves the right to not post my Feedback.

  • DNC may edit my Feedback to protect privacy rights and to remove inappropriate language or other objectionable content.

  • DNC may use my contact information for verification purposes, please refer to our Privacy Policy

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