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DNC’s Grading scale is based off information and customer feedback that we collect at the time of assessment from the business and other outside resources to represent our opinion of a company’s qualifications and reputation. We cannot guarantee your experience with the company’s listed so please use your best personal judgement based on other information presented about the business while taking companies into consideration.


We only consider companies with proper business licensing and positive community reputations. Please refer to our Standards and Screening for the factors that we consider at the time of asessment. 


Companies that do not provide “services” meaning that their business practice is focused around retail sales and products, will not be rated by DNC as our Grading and Accreditation system is designed to provide owners with better insight into companies who offer services where their canine is handled by a pet professional.


Our Grading and Accreditation system has three levels*

  • L3 (50-63 points),

  • L2 (36-49 points)

  • L1 (21-35 points) 

*Companies who score lower than 21 points at the time of assessment will not be listed on our Website. All companies have the ability to move up and down levels based on business information, customer feedback and reputation.


We recognize that we cannot possibly list or recognize all companies in the world however we strive to continuously expand; please take this into account when considering your options. Should you have a company or service that you feel should be considered and is not listed please don’t hesitate to contact us. We believe that through accountability and accreditation, it can give good companies the recognition & power to make a difference in dog ownership and care.

Please refer to our Standards and Screening for more information on the factors we take into consideration upon accreditation.

"We are Committed to Providing Peace of Mind for Dog Owners"

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