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Our Standards and Screening

Get total peace of mind with any one of the companies listed on our website.

Our Standards and Screening are developed with leading professionals and accredited resources, and will provide you with the assurance that your pup is in great hands.

Look for the MDC logo so you can trust that your pup is being cared for just as well as you'd care for them.

Business Practices

Trust & Truth

The business honestly represent products and services, including clear disclosure and has provided MDC with all information requested to ensure adherence to MDC standards.



Companies are transparent and upfront when providing customers with relevant information like the company's nature, location, pricing, contact details, transaction information terms & conditions. This should all be easily accessible to customers.



Approaches all business dealings, marketplace transactions, and commitments with integrity, good faith, and the intent to do what is reasonably expected. Companies put the dogs needs first 

& Cleanliness

Sanitation Practices

The company demonstrates prompt and adequate cleanliness practices regarding facility and tool sanitation, as well as regular maintenance and accident clean-up.



Companies have established a range of safety protocols to ensure that first aid and infrastructure are adequately secured. These protocols cover a variety of potential scenarios including lost dog, dog fight/bite and injured dog emergencies to address any increased risks. 


Facility Requirements

Depending on the nature of business, facility size, layout, staff and infrastructure; all meet the standards suitable for the specific business practice.



School and Education

Although not mandatory for all businesses, educational qualifications and certificates are taken into account when deciding the quality of a business. Employers and employees both provide proof of completion from an accredited learning institution or other relevant documents to prove their competency in a particular area.


Licensing and Certifications 

All companies fulfill all competency and trade licensing for owners and staff that it is required for their practice to be listed on our website.



The company shows a sufficient level of expertise when dealing with dogs. Firms that display specialized understanding of reactive dogs get awarded a MDC badge. Such knowledge is acquired from different types of settings and length, based on the field.

Customer Satisfaction

Honour Promises

The company fulfills their contracts, commitments and representations or refers out to another qualified company if not possible.


Positive Track Record

The company has established and maintained a positive track record in the marketplace and within the community.


Be Responsive

Dealing with customer concerns, queries and disagreements is done professionally and in a timely manner. The customers are also provided with clear information about what to expect next.



We look for companies that are experienced and familiar with reactive dogs and demonstrate certain protocols when assisting these kinds of dogs. This may include protocols for staff when aggressive or reactive dogs are under their care.


Speciality Certifications & Experience

Besides formal qualifications and certificates for legally running a business, companies who have gone the extra mile to get additional education and experience when working with reactive dogs will be well-recognized.


Environment & Scheduling

Companies that handle reactive dogs should take into account the environment in which they operate and make sure it is suitable for the needs of the dogs. Companies should also talk openly and honestly with the pet's owner about what will be best for the dog's care, and likewise.


Collaboration with owners & other professionals

Depending on the nature of the business, the company is open-minded in  collaborating with other companies. Companies need to be respectful and professional when communicating collaborating with others and aim to present workable solutions that is realistic for the owner to implement. Companies should always communicate openly and honestly if they are not in the right position to meet a customer's needs. Companies are encouraged to help customers find alternative solutions if they cannot take on the job or are not qualified.

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