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Privacy Policy...

(We Keep Secrets)

Dog Nerd Club ("DNC") only collects the information of it’s users needed to be added to our subscription portal or club membership. This includes your full name, email address and a record of your purchases. Because we use a third party credit card processor (Square), no one at DNC sees any of your financial information.

We retain your name, email address and payment history forever unless you ask us to remove it. DNC retain’s the information in order to manage your account. Your “Payment history” link allows you to review what classes you have purchased.

If you wish to have your account or information canceled and removed from our Website (""), You can do so at any time by sending DNC an email to Your account will be cancelled at the end of your subscription billing period. Please see our Membership Policy for more information.

Should a business be listed on our site, (“Company”), DNC only collects necessary information to determine a Company’s, practice, eligibility and skill level, this does not include any of the Company’s client information. Written permission from the Company and Company’s client must be given to DNC in order to obtain any personal information. The Company’s name, address, phone number, electronic email address, social media and practice may be listed on the Website for other users to access. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more information.

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