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Reactive Dogs

Does your pup have unique needs?

Then our Reactive Dog Section is the perfect place for you! With exclusive perks and resources tailored specifically to reactive dogs, we’re dedicated to providing the extra attention and care they need. Join us in our mission to make sure all dogs receive the proper care and treatment they deserve!


We define a Reactive Dog as one who overreacts in response to a situation. This situation may provoke a fearful, aggressive, or overly aroused response in the dog.

A Reactive Dog may be more selective in whom they like and how they like to be communicated to. They may also be more comfortable in certain environments. Additionally, reactive dogs may have special health needs or considerations.

Typically, these dogs have a lower tolerance level to stimuli, such as noises, movement, dogs, and people, which can lead to a reaction from the dog.

Reactive dogs aren't bad dogs, just misunderstood by most.

How Can I Benefit from DNC?

Stay informed when you become a Dog Nerd Club member. You’ll get free resources and information related to dog behaviour & training, notifications about upcoming pet events near you, and access to all companies that are approved by the DNC.


 If you become a Reactive Dog member of DNC, you have access to exclusive discounts from companies that have been approved by us. To make sure the company you choose is well-experienced with handling reactive dogs, look for our Reactive Dog Approved badge.

Join Us. And experience the perks!

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Reactive Dog Approved

Look for our Badge to ensure the company you are choosing is qualified for a Reactive Dog.

Reactive Dog Membership

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